Erik Nybøe
Erik Nybøe
12. december 2022 - 3 min læsning

Lettere øvelse og øget progression for GROMS

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GROMS is a relatively new men's choir with a somewhat unconventional style. Most of us were not familiar with sheet music from before, so we started out quite early using vocal-based sheet music and extensive use of audio files for practice. These were then available on our shared Dropbox and elsewhere. After ChoirMate allowed for more sheet music per song, we have been able to meet our needs and can now add full sheet music sets, vocal-based sheet music, and possibly lyrics (as a PDF file) to our songs, to the benefit of our members.

Mandskoret GROMS

We also use recorded audio files for each individual voice for practice, as well as recordings from our rehearsals, either taken in a group or recordings from individual members.

A typical song would look something like this:

Display of song with learning materials in ChoirMateSheet music view in ChoirMate

We now have much easier access to rehearsal materials and notice that the members are better prepared and it is easier to give "homework" for the next rehearsal. Our conductor has noted that our progress has more than doubled since we started using ChoirMate. It is especially great that we can make direct recordings during rehearsals and quickly upload audio files for practice on difficult parts.

It's so easy that even I can listen to and practice with the audio files now...

All the guys are practicing more both before and between rehearsals. Feedback is: It's organized and much easier to practice at home - it's practical with sheet music and audio files all in one place! We've become the weird guys who always sing in the car. Or as Frode, first tenor, said; It's so easy that even I can listen to and practice with the audio files now...

As we say in GROMS: «How hard can it really be?», and ChoirMate has made it even easier for us 🎵

Erik Nybøe
Mandskoret GROMS

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